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Welcome to Steven Menendez Fine Art Limited Edition Prints

Steven is a fine art and portrait photographer based in New York.


In his work he seeks to glorify the beauty of the male form in classical
settings and wishes to bring emotion and a sense of bliss to his images.
Steven believes clothes can block the flow of our energy and
symbolically bind us to society and all the constraints that it represents
and that by being naked we can feel completely free and lay bare in the

beauty of our true selves.

His work has been exhibited at The Leslie Lohman Museum of Art. He
has had solo exhibitions in New York City, Fire Island and
Provincetown. His work has been featured in The Advocate, OUT
Magazine and other publications. He has been awarded Gold, Bronze and Silver in the Nude
Photo Shoot Awards and was named Top 10 Black and White

Photographers in the World by OneEyeLand 2020.

You can also visit his website StevenMenendez.com if you would
like to see more of his work. Inquiries for custom orders can be made from images seen on his website.

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